Beyond Placebo

Harness the Power of your Words




Words have the Power to create and shift Your Reality!!!

Discover a simple and effective healing system that could be applied to any aspect of life without prior training. One that has effective results in the least time possible.

And you don’t have to keep trying and/or practicing to get results.

Rooted in the Ancient yogic systems and refined with knowledge of human behavior, Beyond Placebo offers a powerful healing system with simple words.

Sukhendu Mandal

PhD in Biotechnology,

Author and Founder, Beyond Placebo

A speaker and author who creates vibration in space as he shares his knowledge.

Sukhendu is one of the few with a deep understanding of spiritual knowledge and the scientific base. Being able to handle Logic and Consciousness together needs some level of inner mastery and refined mindset.

 After completing his Doctorate in Biotechnology, he finally decided to go deep into the yogic knowledge and write about what he believed is much needed for the upcoming world.

“Integration of Science with Consciousness.”

Though he has been trained in Kundalini techniques at the age of 10 and mantra chantings at an early age, his true Consciousness journey began after a long-term sickness. The enhanced sensitivity allows him to connect and understand the teachings that are fairly meaningless for most people. He also realized the mind’s ability to create unique tools and techniques that could be used to access the inner dimensions of consciousness.

In his writing journey, he interacted with multiple yogis, healers, and spiritual leaders in order to understand the original teachings and their application in modern life. He was named a vibrational speaker, a transformed being, someone with golden chakras, an empowerer by some of those who experienced his unique tools.

His work on placebo codes to heal Body-Mind-Emotions has transformed the lives of many and reached a new theme of research.

The entire knowledge of healing and self-realization is divided into four books and named the Beyond Placebo project.

After the release of the books, he decided to return to lab research in the field of Neuroscience and bring the work into scientific clarity.


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